Field Service management system

Field Service Management

With a digital order management app on the mobile, you are in control of time registration and invoicing – the whole Field Service and Mobile Workforce Management. This way it becomes much easier to maintain product quality, manage orders and register materials, not only at the office but also in the field with service managers, service engineers and other mobile employees. You offer a better service to your customers when all information about the job is compiled digitally and can be extracted as service reports or documentation. You get all this with REEFTS’ Field Service and Mobile workforce management system – REEFTmobile.

With an online mobile order management system you become more efficient

As a service company with a mobile workforce, you can save money by optimising your processes, e.g. through better time registration and material registration. A field and service order app is a farewell to paper and post-it patches at the office, a conversion of wasted time into working time. The order management system – or the Field Service Management System – facilitates the work of your administrative personnel, service engineers or service assistants when all data is recorded electronically and transferred to the finance system.

“With REEFTmobile we can send jobs to our service managers, and service engineers, who can easily keep track of them. At the same time, they can fill in their work sheets electronically, and immediately save them in the system. The finance department can tell by looking at the job overview display when a given job has been completed and an invoice can be sent.”

Morten Christensen, manager in charge of IT systems at Intego


REEFTmobile is a professional solution for Field Service and mobile workforce management – ideal for service companies with employees in the field:

  • Plant and machine service
  • Refrigeration
  • HVAC
  • Electricity
  • Craftsmen and contractors

REEFTmobile consists of four elements

  • REEFTwebplanner: A planning module for the office/administration
  • REEFTtouch app: An app for employees in the field
  • Database: For the documentation of each service check (optional module) and for keeping track of the history
  • Customer portal: Allows customers to view completed orders and historical data on the plant(s) that you service for them.

Everything is of course integrated with your ERP system.

Thomas Andersen
CEO and Partner

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