Work sheet app

Electronic work sheet app on the mobile for the workforce in the field

With the app REEFTmobile, staff in the field can report hours, materials, checklists, QA forms, photo documentation and any extra work. The app is simple, fast and easy to operate. It is easy and intuitive, even if you do not have any previous knowledge of smartphones, tablets or PCs.
Service engineers, service managers, and other employees have everything they need to complete the jobs with the customers: job descriptions, checklists, work instructions, assembly instructions, safety instructions, illustrations, etc. Everything they need is in the app.

Speech to text makes it easy to report from the car

Employees in the field can record the whole service report with comments in the app. The recording will then be converted to text and automatically included in the case record and can now be read at the office. This makes life much easier, not only for the service engineers but also for the office.
The workforce in the field save time on registration and get their timesheets and documentation handed in while they have the job fresh in mind. Office staff save time on invoicing and get a better work flow when they do not have to press employees for work sheets, and the company improves its liquidity.

Electronic work sheet app for digital registration of hours on the mobile

Employees fill in their work sheet in the app immediately after having completed the job. A checklist is an active part of the reporting and must be filled in before the job can be completed. The employees tick the boxes of the checklist, attach photos of the work performed and other documentation such as materials, time consumption and travel time – and close the case. Time recording, and registration of material will be more precise when the worksheet is completed immediately after the work has been done. At the office, they can immediately see the status of the job, and since the basis of invoicing is already there, they can start invoicing.

REEFTmobile halves the amount of time employees spends on reporting

REEFTmobile turns wasted time into invoiceable time

REEFTmobile ensures that all materials are registered in the orders

The app works both online and offline

REEFTmobile works both online and offline. The app connects to the mobile network if there is a signal, but even if the service engineers happens to be in a cellar or a lift shaft with no mobile coverage, they can still complete their checklists and reporting, because all the data is in the app. Once mobile coverage has been restored, the data will be transferred to the office.

Mobile stock management and material registration provides a better workflow

REEFTmobile exchanges data with the company’s stock system through integration with your ERP system. In the service car, the employees scan the bar code on the materials they use and enter the number of materials. The company’s ERP-system immediately reduces the stock in the car to keep track of the materials in cars and at the main warehouse.

If a service engineer is short of materials, he or she can see if they are available at the main warehouse or perhaps in another service car. They can also see the location of their colleagues in the app and decide on the fastest way to get hold of the missing materials.

Thomas Andersen
CEO and Partner

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