Workforce management

Field service and mobile workforce management

Are you tired of creased work sheets with illegible handwriting, of having to remind employees to hand in their work sheets and time registrations? And would you like to gain control of the materials, in the service vehicles as well as at the warehouse?

Digital order management makes it easy to register both time and material consumption and to do all reporting in the app. In short, you get a more disciplined approach to work and time registration. Material consumption is reported into the system, which means that you always have an overview of material consumption for the individual job, and your stock is updated automatically. Since everything is integrated with the ERP system, there is no risk of double entries.

Swift invoicing means improved cash flow

It will be much easier for you to prioritise the jobs and reschedule the day’s programme in the event of sickness or cancellations. The employees use their mobile phones to report back when the jobs have been completed ensuring you documentation and a basis for immediate invoicing – which has a positive effect on your cash flow.

Documentation and quality assurance – past and present

REEFTmobile offers digital documentation and recording of the work that has been performed, and you can easily get the history of each job or each individual installation. This is a huge advantage in connection with an audit, as all relevant documentation is only a couple of mouse clicks away from your auditor.

If you have to visit a customer on more than one occasion, you can easily trace service reports or job descriptions for any systematic pattern of errors. If you have many jobs of a similar nature such as inspections or repair of installations, you can track each individual service check through the plant database, a subsequent purchase to the REEFTmobile. The plant database includes a statistics module, which will allow you to view the statistics for the individual plant such as the number of repairs, the nature of the error, and how often the same error occurs.

REEFTmobile is a professional Field service management system for mobile workforce management – ideal for service companies with employees in the field:

  • Plant and machine service
  • Refrigeration
  • HVAC
  • Electricity
  • Craftsmen and contractors

The customer portal is a great service to the customers

You can give your customers access to the customer portal in REEFTmobile, where they can view a service report based on the service engineer’s work sheet. They can see what type of work was done, how much time was spent, which materials were used and any supplementary comments.

This way the customer has access to the information around the clock.

Thomas Andersen
CEO and Partner

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