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REEFTvisual – online monitoring and intelligent control of production facilities

We know from past experience that productivity in manufacturing companies can be improved by up to double-digit growth rates by means of REEFTvisual – in a concrete case, seven percent in only three months’ time. This means an exceptionally short payback period, and it makes REEFTvisual a vital tool in any LEAN process or efficiency improvement project.

REEFTvisual is a web-based tool for online monitoring and intelligent control of a company’s production facility, whether it is series production, order production, process or project-based production. REEFTvisual receives live data from robots, machines and employees and keeps track of all information in real time.

You only need a browser

All communication with the system takes place via a browser, so you need not worry about the hassle and costs of installing, updating and administrating software on users’ PCs. As long as you have internet access, you also have access to REEFTvisual and gain an overview of the running of your company 24/7– from any pc, tablet or mobile phone – for every single machine, every single line and every single plant. All over the world.

Quick response to errors and stops in production

REEFTvisual will immediately inform you about any problem encountered in production. This will allow you to intervene right away and kick-start bug-fixing and corrective actions. REEFTvisual can be set up to handle certain types of errors and events automatically based on established guidelines.

Optimisation of production

With REEFTvisual, production data is collected, analysed and presented in easy-to-read tables and charts. You gain knowledge and insight that will allow you to predict and anticipate potential operating problems even before they occur. And you get knowledge and insight that will allow you to optimise production on critical parameters such as quantity, raw material consumption, quality deviations or traceability of materials.

The company’s common tool

The gains from REEFTvisual are not limited to production only. What you will see is a ripple effect that transcends the entire organisation.  With REEFTvisual as your common tool, everyone can follow what is going on in production and make decisions based on knowledge rather than sensation.

REEFTvisual can be used as a stand-alone system, or it can be integrated with the company’s ERP system.

Turnover, bottom line, competitiveness

Since 2009 international companies based in Denmark and Sweden have succeeded in increasing productivity and optimising operations through REEFTvisual by exploiting their plant and machinery more effectively and reducing the number and duration of downtime and other technical problems. The result is an increase in turnover, an improved bottom line and improved competitiveness.