Implementing REEFTvisual

REEFTvisual consists of hardware, software and a database:

  • The hardware REEFTlink (a link box) can be connected to almost all types of production machinery and gathers data regarding the operation and capacity of the specific machine.
  • The software measures e.g. how long the machine has been running, how many units it produces, or the quality of the product.
  • All data is collected in a REEFT database.

Based on the collected data you can carry out efficiency and performance measurements as well as easily and quickly obtain a real-time overview of the conditions and status of the machine. By implementing several link boxes on one or more production lines you can combine data and get a detailed overview of the production.

You can install the built-in error reporting tool and make it mandatory for the operator to report which incidences that cause errors and production stop. You can build an “incidence-hierarchy” and register errors and incidents down to the level of detail that suits your purpose.

REEFTvisual can be connected with REEFTmobile service – making the machine able to send messages on its own.

How to implement REEFTvisual

The first step of implementing REEFTvisual in your organisation is a dialogue between you and one of REEFTs experts. Together we describe the task at hand and identify the solution that is right for your needs. We determine a plan for implementation including test, training, and installation of new hardware and software.

Facts about REEFTvisual

  • Easily connects with production machinery.
  • The dialogue between machine and human is easy to set up.
  • The exchange takes place without delay.
  • Easy to learn and simple to use.
  • The employees can configure the monitoring, without expensive help from experts.
  • Can be used online – regardless of time and place.
  • Stabile operation.
  • Easy to monitor and support.
  • Based on commonly known technology.
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Claus Ransborg
Product Manager REEFTVisual

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