Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

The built-in statistics database in REEFTvisual collects all the historical data from the plant and gives you a basis for carrying out preventive maintenance at the factory. This will allow you to plan and carry out maintenance of the machines at times when a standstill has the least negative impact on the production plan.

Preventive maintenance system that makes production tasks more effective

REEFTvisual is a maintenance system, which gives you a complete overview of all preventive maintenance, including fault reporting, supply reporting, and inspections. Production data and documentation is collected in the maintenance system – this provides you with more effective work procedures, faster response time, and an overview of historical production data. Now you can exchange data from machines across the organization without having to rely on hidden knowledge possessed by individual workers. The built-in statistics database in REEFTvisuals gathers all historical data from the plant and forms the basis for carrying out preventive maintenance at the factory.

Fault reporting provides you with a detailed picture of the production

The built-in fault reporting can be set up to require the operator to indicate what caused the error(s) and stoppage(s). This way you build up an “incident hierarchy” with the recording of errors and incidents at the level of detail you need.

Based on collected data you can carry out efficiency and performance measurements and get a precise real-time picture of the current state and performance of the machines, easily and quickly. By setting up more link boxes or collecting more data from an OPC server on one or more of the production lines, you can combine data and get a detailed picture of the production.

“We’ve managed to improve quality and productivity at the same time. Since we began, productivity has risen by a fifth, and quality is nearly twice as good. Now, we’ve got a grip on quality and productivity. It makes it much easier to deliver on time, and security of supply is today more than 95%.”

Rikard Karlsson, production manager at Electrolux, Ljungby, Sweden.

Mean time to repair through integration to REEFTmobile

REEFTvisual can be connected to the REEFTmobile service management system. The system will then send a message to the service engineers if an error occurs on the machines. The service engineer will be informed about the nature of the error, how critical it is, and any descriptions, drawings or instructions will be included. The service engineer can remedy the error immediately, and you can calculate the “mean time to repair” – which is the basis for further optimisation of the maintenance processes at the factory.

If your service engineers are sent out through your service department, this is another area where REEFTmobile may come in handy.

Read more about REEFTmobile here.

Facts about REEFTvisual:

  • easily connected to the production machines
  • the dialogue between machine and man is easy to customise
  • data exchange takes place without delay
  • easy to master and simple to use
  • employees can configure the monitoring without expensive expert assistance
  • web-based means always available – irrespective of time and place
  • stable operation with high uptime
  • easy to monitor and support
  • based on well-known and widespread technologies.

REEFTvisual consists of hardware, software and a database:

  • The hardware REEFTlink (a link box) can be connected to almost any type of production machine and collects data on the individual machine’s operation and characteristics.
  • The software measures for how long the machine has been running, how many units are produced or the quality of the produced units.
  • All data are collected and stored in a REEFT data base.
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Claus Ransborg
Product Manager REEFTVisual

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