Thomsen and Fals

We would never be where we are right now without REEFTmobile

Since starting to use REEFTmobile three years ago, installation company Thomsen & Fals has achieved growth in all installation sectors and its installation team has more than doubled in size.

Thomsen & Fals started using REEFTmobile in 2015. Ever since, things have been moving very quickly for the electrical, plumbing and ventilation installation company from Northern Jutland in Denmark.

“Since we started using REEFTmobile three years ago, we have received a lot of new jobs and our team has more than doubled in size, from about forty fitters to around ninety,” notes accounts manager Olga Fromberg. “We have grown to about a hundred employees now and without REEFTmobile, we would probably have needed one or two more people in our admin department.”

No more manual input

Olga Fromberg told us that REEFTmobile has eliminated the workload of worksheets and time sheets, making the administration of what previously involved a huge amount of manual data input a lot easier. “We do it all electronically now. Instead of a huge amount of manual routine tasks, we are using REEFTmobile to send jobs out to our fitters as soon as we receive the order from the customer. REEFTmobile gives the fitter all the information in one place.”

Effectively closing and invoicing jobs

Olga Fromberg explains how REEFTmobile has streamlined the work in accounts: “Previously, some cases would be open for quite a long time and customers would send us reminders for invoices due to a lack of overview. Nowadays, we send out our invoices very soon once a job is closed, which quickly provides us with a complete overview over which jobs are still in progress and which are closed. REEFTmobile allows us to manage everthing and send out invoices on an ongoing basis, while the work is being performed.”

Better planning of daily tasks

A high level of satisfaction with REEFTmobile has also been noted in the fitters, according to operations manager Martin Bach.

“REEFTmobile is the only digital tool that we use with our fitters. REEFTmobile allows our fitters to keep all cases and related information on their mobile phones, which has given them increased peace of mind. They can plan their jobs for the day based on the overview in REEFTmobile, which also sends out reminders to close open cases. Our fitters often joke that they can’t even remember what it was like before we had REEFTmobile.”

Resource optimisation increases the ability to issue invoices

Martin Bach explains that REEFTmobile has also contributed towards increasing the company’s invoicing rate by optimising the allocation of jobs between fitters. “Thanks to REEFTmobile, we are able to move cases and jobs around between our fitters and can avoid some of them being overbooked, while others are free. There is no way we could have this overview if we were still using paper. Normally, we have about 150-200 cases open at any given time.”

Can respond to customer enquiries immediately

REEFTmobile has also had a positive impact on customer service, notes Martin Bech. “We are now able to follow up on customer enquiries very quickly and very precisely. REEFTmobile allows us to look up all open and in-progress jobs, which is much faster and more precise than using our economy system. Not only has this has made our working day a lot easier, it also presents us as professionals and allows us to respond to customers immediately.”

All in all, Olga Fromberg and Martin Bach are very pleased with REEFTmobile. As Martin Bach sums up, “without REEFTmobile we would not be in our current position and we would be unable to achieve what we do right now. REEFTmobile has allowed us to raise the standard of our service and this has led to increased orders.”