Privacy Policy

Reeft A/S’s privacy policy outlines how Reeft A/S utilises the personal data you leave behind when using the REEFTmobile App.In general, you should be aware that as an internet user you leave behind electronic tracks and that this enables others to track your traffic on the internet.

Collection from using the REEFTmobile Touch App.
Reeft A/S has no access to user data unless granted by the data owner.

When you use the REEFTmobile Touch App, Reeft A/S does not collect any data as the customer is hosting their own data. However the customer who owns the sysytem can investigate the following data:

1. User login date and time by username
2. Job transaction data – start and stop times, materials, checklists and timelog
3. Track GPS route if GPS is active

Collection from visits to Reeft A/S’s website.
Reeft A/S has ongoing access to statistical data about visitors to its website. It is not possible to identify individual persons based on this data.When you visit Reeft A/S’s website, the following information is collected about you:

1. Which pages you view and when – your “electronic tracks”,
2. the browser you are using,
3. your IP address, and
4. your username, if you have one.

When you browse the internet, you leave behind a “electronic track” that reveals where you have been. This track is generated by your browser sending information to a server, e.g. “I would like to see the page corresponding to the address Most browsers give information about their brand and version number, e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0. The server can then return the page you requested so that it is displayed correctly in your browser.Depending on the operating system and the browser you use, the browser often also sends your username to the server – the username you use when you log onto your machine.

Purpose of the collection
Reeft A/S can use the above-mentioned data to see what path you take to find information at Reeft A/S can see whether you start on the front page and move on to the underlying pages, or if you jump into the middle of the website from a search engine, for example.This information
 is only used in connection with carrying out operations and producing statistics that can be used to improve the structure of Reeft A/S’s website.

Collection in connection with subscription
By subscribing to Reeft A/S’s newsletter, the e-mail address you provide is registered.This information is used to automatically send you Reeft A/S’s newsletter.This information is registered with the Reeft’s data processor (web hotel).

Some employees of Reeft A/S have access to a list of subscribers. Using this information, the Reeft stays up to date about the scope and nature of subscribers.Information about individual subscriptions is not transferred and this information is immediately deleted if you cancel your subscription.

Collection in connection with an enquiry regarding a specific case
When making an enquiry to Reeft A/S regarding a specific case, or if your enquiry results in the creation of a case, your enquiry will be stored electronically.The case documents will be covered by the rules of the Public Administration Act and the Access to Public Administration Files Act similarly to all of the Reeft’s other correspondence.