About us

We make your resources more efficient and create transparency in the processes

Our IT solutions help optimise your resources through digitalisation and simplification of manual workflows. It makes communication simpler and ensures greater transparency in your company. It provides an overview of workflows and processes – and at the end of the day, you save on resources and become more competitive.

Our name is a contraction of Resource Efficiency Tool, which epitomises everything we say and do at REEFT. Our products ensure the most efficient workflow in your company. They are intuitive and logical to work with – and they do not burden your working day with unnecessary additional processes.

Expertise and business acumen as part of the bargain

When you choose one of our systems, knowledge of production optimisation and efficiency, business understanding and industry knowledge all form part of the bargain. We have worked with mobile IT solutions since 2001, and we are convinced that our digital solutions can improve your finances and competitiveness.

We sell our products primarily through carefully selected business partners.

We sell our solutions through business partners

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