Knowledge-based optimisation of production

REEFTvisual is a web-based system that monitors the machinery of production companies and provides an overview of whether the production plant is utilised optimally.

Detailed knowledge of the machines’ start/stop times and analysis of production data is made available and can be used to make decisions about operation and optimisation on a factual basis. You will free up a hidden resource and capacity that can be used for increased production – without investments in new machines.



REEFTvisual consists of a small hardware unit – a signal box – with built-in software, which is connected to your machines on the production apparatus as well as a database for collecting data on the individual machine’s operation and properties.

You can see production data on a big screen, PC or tablet and anyone who has the need can access data from production. The company gains insight into operations on a whole new level.

The employees get a simple help tool that automatically collects production data, so that the most time-consuming processes are made visible, allowing for optimisation and more time to focus on what the employees are best at.

All of this helps to increase motivation and build job satisfaction.

With REEFT, you get a partner where you can grow with your needs, so it will be easy and simple for you to get a good start on the digitalisation process. We follow you through the process – even when new needs arise.

REEFTvisual is available in two versions, Flex and Enterprise. On this page, you can access Flex and Enterprise and read more about what the solutions contain and how they can be integrated into your company.

Stop Times & AnalysesFlexEnterprise
Stop Time basis✔️✔️
Basic Analyses✔️✔️
Enterprise AnalysesX✔️
Stop Causes✔️✔️
Stop Cause intervalsX✔️
Global Stop Causes✔️✔️
Individual Stop Cause at machine level✔️✔️
Production calendarFlexEnterprise
Production calendarX✔️
Shift (day/evening/night)✔️✔️
ERP integrationFlexEnterprise
ERP integration inputX✔️
ERP integration outputX✔️
Tools and maintenanceFlexEnterprise
Tool managementX✔️
Tool analysesX✔️
Tool messagesX✔️
Tool component storageX✔️
Andon and messagesFlexEnterprise
Messages (SMS)✔️✔️
Overview designer✔️✔️
User administration✔️✔️
Make user help descriptionsX✔️
Multiple languages (Da/En – standard)✔️✔️
Image loginX✔️
File managerX✔️
Cloud storage✔️X
Mobile responsive✔️✔️

Are you interested in hearing more about REEFTvisual and the possibilities for your company? Then contact our sales manager for REEFTvisual

Camilla Blicher Skov Andersen on tel. +45 24 64 71 61 or email

You can also see how we have helped other companies with REEFTvisual under our references here.

Camilla Blicher Skov Andersen

Camilla Blicher Skov Andersen

Sales Manager REEFTvisual

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