Production monitoring

Production monitoring

Do you actually know if you utilise your production plant optimally? Do you know why errors occur or the extent of downtime for each individual machine? And what about the factory’s productivity?

High productivity is very often at the expense of quality, or vice versa. With REEFTvisual, you can increase productivity, reliability and quality. The insight you get about the performance of the production equipment – at machine and process level – is detailed enough to allow you to optimise at micro level.

With REEFTvisual for production monitoring, you can monitor your production plant and collect data on machine characteristics and efficiency. You avoid breakdowns, reduce downtime and utilise the machines and production lines much better.

Intelligent process control provides an overview of the operation and the general condition of the production plant

REEFTvisual calculates the exact downtime, the exact quality loss and the overall speed of production. You can extract process data from the production line with 100% accuracy in real time and calculate the OEE for the factory and display it online. If you encounter problems on a production line, REEFTvisual will immediately let you know so that you can intervene.

The employees get insight into operations at a whole new level of detail – it provides commitment and motivation and promotes well-being at work. A hidden resource and capacity is released, which can be used to increase production – without any new investment in machinery.

“One of the biggest advantages that Electrolux has gained thanks to REEFTvisual is the fact that quality and productivity have been improved at the same time. Since we began, productivity has risen by a fifth, and quality is nearly twice as good.”

Rikard Karlsson, production manager at Electrolux, Ljungby, Sweden.


Online monitoring of your production helps you improve productivity:

  • Online communication with the control system on your machines and your production plants
  • An overview of all production plants regardless of their geographic location
  • A better opportunity to manage production according to LEAN and TAKT principles
  • Better statistics on error
  • Fewer technical faults in the production plant means fewer production stoppages
  • Greater precision in production due to fewer deviations from the production plan
  • Lower rate of raw material consumption
  • Detailed traceability.
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Claus Ransborg
Product Manager REEFTVisual

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