Modern and digital field service management

REEFTmobile is intended for service companies with a mobile workforce and for those who want to optimise and streamline their fleet management and keep track of information and service histories on all their customers’ service items or fixed installations.

We have created REEFTmobile because we want to help companies and their employees digitise their service business and at the same time ensure that the resources available in the companies are utilised in the best conceivable way.

On this page, you can get an insight into what the REEFTmobile solution consists of. We have divided the page into modules, each of which describes an area of the system. Starting from the beginning, you will get a complete review of each module.


For many companies, investing in a modern field service management system is a big decision. However, it is also a decision that will clearly have a positive impact on the company’s finances. The investment in a REEFTmobile system is typically recouped in 1 to 1.5 years and afterwards the system helps ensure efficient operations and earnings, every day and for many years to come.

With REEFTmobile, many practical and administrative processes are optimised and digitised, including companies’ fleet management. This means that employees can save valuable time and work more efficiently, allowing more hours and materials to be invoiced quickly and correctly and that the risk of errors and omissions is minimised. This has a direct impact on the company’s finances and helps ensure maximum earnings from the company’s activities.

Søren M. Winterberg

Søren M. Winterberg

Product Manager Mobile

Want to know more about REEFTmobile and the opportunities for your company? Then contact our product manager Søren Winterberg by emailing or calling +45 25 79 04 09.

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