REEFTvisual Flex

A simple solution for you who want to get started with production monitoring in a way that is easy and fast.

REEFTvisual Flex is our standard solution for companies that want to monitor the production plant and collect production data on the machines’ properties and efficiency through automatic start/stop time registration and analysis of production data.

Integrating Flex into production is incredibly simple. A signal box is connected to your machine, and from there the registered times and stop causes are displayed in a pie chart, bar chart or exported to Excel, PDF or ClipBoard. You get a detailed overview of the type of stop the production apparatus has had on the day in question, just as it is possible to state the stop causes yourself. Flex is therefore a good solution for you who want to get started on a digitalisation solution in an easy and fast way.

Want to try REEFTvisual Flex for free?

Would you like to try REEFTvisual Flex for free, for a limited time? Right now, it is possible to try the product, which monitors your production plant and collects production data on the properties and efficiency of the machines. With that, you have taken a big step closer to getting more out of your production apparatus.

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Camilla Blicher Skov Andersen

Camilla Blicher Skov Andersen

Sales Manager REEFTvisual

Are you interested in hearing more about REEFTvisual Flex and the possibilities for your company? Then contact our Sales Manager Camilla Blicher Skov Andersen at or mobile +45 24 64 71 61.

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