AS/400 solutions

AS/400 (IBM System i)-solutions

If you have a challenge with your IBM System i, we perform a needs analysis and come up with an outline together with you. Then we prepare the design and a final description of the solution before we begin the actual development. The implementation phase includes user tests and training of relevant key personnel before we put the solution into operation.

We prepare our solutions in direct dialogue with you to ensure that they match your demands. We work in accordance with an ISO approved project model with built-in check points which guarantee quality and progress of the project. When we transfer the project for operation, all parties sign a hand-over document.

What we do

  • Integration of System i (AS/400) with a web interface
  • RPG, CL, DDS programming
  • CCSID set-up, IFS and Qshell, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML
  • Project management
  • Web-enabling of data using System i technologies
  • Transfer of data between System i and other platforms
  • Development of marginal systems for System i-based ERP solutions
  • Preparation of System i data for presentation on other platforms
  • Review of existing solutions within the above areas
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Jan Jørgensen
Development Manager and Partner


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