We have optimized with 40%

Much has been optimized at ProTruck since the company replaced its papers with REEFTmobile. The field engineers have found it easier, and the invoices are now sent out even faster.

– We would need two extra men if we were to continue using papers.

This is what Gitte Laursen, Head of administration at ProTruch, expresses about the effect of using REEFTmobile.

ProTruck is a young, modern company that provides solutions for internal transport in the form of forklifts and other solutions. Since the company was established four years ago, it has grown to 50 employees, and ProTruck’s service department uses REEFTmobile when servicing customers.

While the 20 service employees in the field previously filled out papers at the customer and only handed in papers in ProTruck’s finance department once a week, the service slips are now in the system as soon as they are filled in at the customer.

All our service managers and field engineers have an iPad in the car, and the moment they enter things into REEFTmobile, it is stored electronically so that everyone else can see the data. This entails that the service employees do not have to keep track of the paperwork and handle it at the companies every week, which means that the finance department can immediately see what needs to be involved and consequently send the invoices out faster, Giite Laursen says and adds:

– Overall, we have optimized a lot of processes with 40 percent by going from papers to REEFTmobile, and we would need two extra men if we had not done so.

REEFTmobile also helps the customers 

ProTruck’s service department assists the customers with service checks and statutory inspections of machines. Therefore, REEFTmobile has also benefited the customers who now get their statutory inspections faster through the system.

– At the same time, we avoid misunderstandings during service visits because both the time spent, notes for the individual visit and potential orders for spare parts are registered. Overall, we are therefore very happy that we introduced REEFTmobile, Gitte Laursen says.

ProTruck uses REEFTmobile’s standard product for the above reasons but also because it has a very simple user interface, which the company’s field engineers are very fond of.

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