Production reporting and data collection

Production reporting and data collection

Data collection and production reporting from the production plant are valuable sources for production optimisation. You can use data from machines and plants to improve the organisations production processes and to reduce production costs. REEFTvisual provides you with manageable, visual production reports containing machine data crucial to the production – of course integrated with you ERP system.

Your production data provides you with the opportunity to improve work procedures and processes based on facts rather than gut feelings and helps you to identify improvement potential in your production.

Data collection integrated with the ERP-system

With automatic data collection and data reporting you save time and resources throughout the organization. You get online registration of parameters crucial to the production and automatic transfer of those registrations to the ERP-system. Based on this you can calculate your OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) precisely.

Sensordata in realtime provides you with new possibilities

You get sensor data in real time – vibration pattern, speed of rotation, fluctuation of temperature, flow, pressure and on/off modes, all of which will allow you to optimise your production on critical parameters such as

  • quantity
  • time
  • raw material consumption
  • quality deviations
  • traceability of materials.

Production reporting creates the foundation for important decisions

This will help you make better decisions about capacity, process, performance, number of production shifts, employee/operator performance and process improvement. And it will contribute to full-circle production optimisation.

“We’ve got a software-based production facility which fully supports our changing demands and requests. Earlier, we’d have to adjust every single machine. REEFTvisual is innovative and flexible – now we can add new buttons and functions directly on the screen, check and adjust the takt as well as start and stop each production line.”

Rikard Karlsson, production manager at Electrolux, Ljungby, Sweden.

Production reporting – a visual presentation of production data

Everyone in the company has access to your production monitoring – it is a common tool of analysis that will allow you to see what is going on in production and make decisions based on reliable data. Your production data is collected and analysed – and presented in easy-to-read tables and charts.

An alarm will sound if machines or production lines deviate from the standard settings

REEFTvisual will be adapted to the individual production units, and the alarm will be activated if the figures differ from the established limits, or if the machine stops.


  • monitors the production unit’s rate of work and activates the alarm if it differs from the standard settings.
  • monitors temperature, humidity, vibration or other physical values, such as weight or diameter of a unit and activates the alarm if they different from the permitted settings.
  • responds to on/off signals and sends a message if they differ from the standard settings.
  • sends error messages to the service engineer’s mobile for immediate remedial action.

Manufacturing Execution System, MES

REEFTvisual is a web based and extended Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which supports the production processes in your production plants. With a MES-system you can keep track of all information in real-time and receive live-data from robots, machines and employees.

The operators can monitor production on big screen, pc, tablet, or smartphone. The monitoring takes place via Internet or intranet and you can monitor production regardless of location.

REEFTvisual consists of a small hardware unit – REEFTlink – with built-in software that connects to your production line machines and to a database where data is collected. The database can also collection information from an OPC server that you have installed on the plant – and can gather all data from the connected PLC’s or computer. All of this is of course integrated with your ERP-system.

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Claus Ransborg
Product Manager REEFTVisual

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