Moody Direct Ltd.

– Manual admin work is a thing of the past

Previously, timesheets were submitted manually, reports were written by hand and the process of generating quotes from engineering reports was time consuming. These are just a few of the administrative challenges that took valuable time from the workday at Moody Direct Ltd.

Since Moody Direct Ltd implemented REEFTmobile most of the manual work has been removed. Several important aspects of the administrative process have been streamlined, and there has been more time generated to strengthen the customer engagement and provide a better, faster service.

“With REEFTmobile are able to obtain service reports immediately following our Service Technicians visit to the customer. This enables us to immediately communicate with the customer to ensure engineers recommendations are implemented quickly” says Lara Duncan, Service Office Supervisor at Moody Direct Ltd.

Moody Direct Ltd. is centrally located in Retford, Nottinghamshire and is a leading service and spares provider to the liquid processing industries within the UK. The company serves customers within the dairy, food, beverage, brewery, ice cream, chemical, household and pharmaceutical industries.

Refreshing and educational experience

Moody Direct Ltd.’s Service Technicians in the field used to work with pen and paper, now they can register all necessary documentation online. The switch to REEFTmobile has not required a radical change of working practices. On the contrary, they have been able to integrate the new system into their daily work where mobile order management, case management and time registration have made the working day more efficient.

“Although Covid-19 has meant it has taken more time to implement the new system and see benefits of the results, our overall experience of implementing a new system has been a refreshing and educational experience. I would definitely recommend REEFTmobile to others service orientated businesses who want to streamline their administrative processes”, says Lara Duncan adding:

“Throughout the implementation process, REEFT’s team have answered our questions and met our specific needs. They have taken the time to understand our business model and deliver what we demanded to improve our processes.

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