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Straightforward project management with REEFTmobile

With 40 service engineers in the field, the refrigeration company SA-AL Køleteknik needs project management to deal with the delivery of refrigeration, freezing, air conditioning and heat pump systems to run completely smooth. The needs are fulfilled through REEFTmobile, which helps the service engineers in the field as well as employees at the office.

“When does a service engineer leave for a task, and how many hours did he spend? What materials did he use? And how do we cover urgent tasks as quickly as possible when they arise? These are typical aspects of the administrative process that REEFTmobile helps us manage”, says Cecilie Anthony, head of administration at SA-AL Køleteknik.

The refrigeration company SA-AL Køleteknik is located in Egå, Denmark and covers most of the country, where the service engineers deliver all types of refrigeration, freezing, air conditioning and heat pump systems. Both the service engineers on the move and the employees in the office are using REEFTmobile for project management. With the two-part Field Service Management system, the service engineers can document their time and materials and collect all documentation through their smartphones while working on a project. At the same time, the employees in the office can match service engineers with suddenly arising tasks for our customers thanks to GPS management that allows us to track our service engineers:

“It is a great help for us when we have some urgent matters because we can enter the app and see who’s located in a certain area to take on the task. It gives us an overview of where the service engineers are located and which tasks the individual service engineer is in charge of,” says Cecilie Anthony.

REEFTmobile provides SA-AL Køleteknik with the best prerequisites for always being competent to deliver fast and flexible services to their customers, just as the service company has the opportunity to develop and adjust the solution to fit their specific needs in collaboration with REEFT:

“If we come up with a new idea for development, REEFT are good at seizing it and assisting us in that manner. So, I think our collaboration works really well”, says Cecilie Anthony.

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