Digitalisation of production at Stenhøj

– very simple and step-by-step

Excel sheets and loose papers used to be part of everyday life in Stenhøj’s production. Now, all data is collected via the REEFTvisual software system. On the production machines, there is a box that collects data on downtime and errors, giving Stenhøj a visual overview of the machines in production, allowing them to manage resources in the best possible way.

Stenhøj is a manufacturing company located in Barrit, Denmark, that produces equipment for the automotive industry and modern workshops, and with the help of REEFT, they have complete control of their production.

“We started with REEFTvisual because we were in a situation where everything was done analog with excel sheets and loose papers around the production. It was a time-consuming process that created a need to digitize the process in order to save time and resources,” says Jesper Buhl Mathiesen, Production Manager at Stenhøj.

Today, they have succeeded in replacing loose paper with digital solutions. In collaboration with REEFT, Stenhøj has customized the software solutions to fit the specific needs of the production. Simplifying and digitizing processes in production has freed up resources for Stenhøj to spend time and effort on development projects elsewhere in production.

In the end, we save money, and that means we can use those resources to optimize and develop other areas of production

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